5 Of The Best Pocket Knives For Electricians

5 Of The Best Pocket Knives For Electricians

Cutting wires and cables are part of an electrician's job, and when focusing on this line of work, you must have the essential tools to help you with that. You will need a high-quality electrician's knife which will not compromise your comfort and safety. A good knife is one that helps you easily strip the wire, can be carried anywhere you go, and of course is created using reinforced stainless steel.

And of course, you would absolutely want to get the best knives possible. Therefore, you might want to check out our marvelous selection of knives, so that you may equip yourself or your business with the necessary tools to get your jobs done. Want to know the best pocket knives for electricians? In this article, we will list them for you and tell you about each and every one of them in detail, so that you may make the most informed decisions with respect to your potential purchases.

# 1 – Compact Pocket Knife- Spear Point Blade 44034

The Lineman Knife features a 2 5/8" Steel Blade, and it features a stainless-steel handle/blade for long-term use. For your convenience, this knife is compact and lightweight and is designed with a rosewood handle with inserts on both sides. The modified spear-point blade locks open.

# 2 – Lineman Knife 44005

This product features a blade that is AUS8 stainless hardened and an impact-resistant nylon resin handle with a rubber insert. Its high-quality blade offers superior edge-holding. The thumb portion is reversible with easy one-handed opening. Admired for its premium quality blade, you will love its superior edge-holding when using it.

# 3 – Klein Tools 44201 Electrician's Pocket Knife

In contrast to the other type of knife from the same brand, this one comes in a Satin 440a stainless steel drop point blade. It is also corrosion-resistant; thanks to its anodized aluminum handle. There are also wire stripping notches found on the blade.

# 4 – Skinning Knife 1580-3

Klein's Curve Skinning Knife works great and features a 2-inch (51mm) blade which gives you more control. The black ergonomic handle and oversized ring will give you comfort as you work. The notch on blade’s back is used for scraping or even removing wire insulation and fits perfect in our Klein Knife Sheath. 

# 5 – Skinning Knife BSK25

Bashlin's Skinning Knife features 9 1/4" OAL with a curved tip, and a high-quality blade. Its blade is extremely strong, holds an edge, and is highly resistant to breaking. It also has a comfortable handle with a ring for hanging on your tool board or tool belt.

# 6 – Lineman Knife 44037

This product features a stainless-steel handle and blade for a long life. A compact and lightweight knife, its modified spear point blade locks open. It has been designed with a rosewood handle with inserts on both sides, allowing for easy facilitation when using the knife at work.

These are but just some of the best pocket knives that electricians will find more useful for their line of work. If you want to see more, just check this list of knives and accessories.

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