6 Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Special Lineman In Your Life

6 Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Special Lineman In Your Life

As part of the job, lineworkers have to climb tall, electrical poles in the name of installing and servicing internet, phone and cable lines for the common folk. These wonderful workers silently work hard daily despite having to brave the many dangers of the job, such as the risk of falls or burns. Yet, the work they they do is often underappreciated. If you know someone in this line of work and there is a special occasion coming up soon, a gift for them that can be used in the course of their work might just be the best way to make them feel appreciated as well as to celebrate the occasion.

Here are the best, practical gift ideas for your special lineman that he or she is sure to love!

Gift Ideas For Linemen

  1. MADI’S Claw Milled Hammer CMLH-1

With its large, milled face head that makes it a popular choice amongst linemen, driving in lag screws and J hooks has never been easier. This hammer has a claw end that is great for removing ground wire, as well as a bonus side hook for removing staples. It is loved for its weight and balance as well as its long, fiberglass nonconductive handle that gives a sturdy grip. 

  1. Klein Tools Screwdriver 7” (Demolition)

If you are looking for the most basic, yet efficient tool to gift to a lineman, you can never go wrong with this 602-7DD demolition screwdriver. This 7” screwdriver not only features a metal heading that makes hammering easy, but it also prevents damage while handling tough jobs.

  1. Klein Tools Pliers (D2000-9NETH)

These heavy-duty pliers can trim the ends off #6 or #4 aluminum tie wire as well as cut nails, screws, most hardened wire and ASCR. It also boasts a hot-riveted joint that guarantees smoother rivet action. The pliers are loved by many for its reliability as it can usually last the user many years.

  1. Goat Wrench 920

Having a good wrench at hand helps to get work done faster, which is why every line worker needs one at all times. This Goat Wrench 920 will make a great addition to the toolbox of any line worker as it is made of alloy steel. This makes it durable enough to withstand hard usage without damage. Additionally, it features jaws that allow users to go further into the throat of nuts, bolts, and pipes as they apply more pressure.

  1. Tool Holster (Bashlin)

Linemen carry many tools around with them on the job and these precious assets should be stored properly and safely for them to carry along. A tool holster is able to do just that. This tool holster comes in two styles; the four-pocket and five-pocket styles. Regardless of the style you choose, the holster will fit pliers and screwdrivers, and its screw rivet set makes it easy to be secured to one’s belt. Made with durable russet leather, this gift item is sure to last the recipient a long time.

  1. Estex Oval Bag (1815)

Another place for linemen to store their tools would be an oval bag. Made of canvas, this bag features 10 outside pockets of which 4 are larger, which is plenty of room for many types of tools needed to be use. This provides a big, organized space for lineworkers to keep their equipment.



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