A Guide To Choosing The Right FR Clothing For Winter

A Guide To Choosing The Right FR Clothing For Winter

Worker health and safety is a concern for anyone, regardless which time of the year it is. Every season change calls for looking for the right clothes to wear. During the winter months when it is chilly outside, workers become exposed to possibilities of frostbite, hypothermia, and others. In order to help you protected, you have to choose FR clothing for winter correctly. You must have your PPE plan established so that you will be safe while working during this time of the year. Here are things to remember when choosing the correct FR clothing for this season.

Get Informed

It is winter, and you know that it brings cold weather and slippery roads on your way to work, or while working as well. With that basic knowledge at the top of your head, you think you are already armed with the right information to get going and make sure you are safe while doing your job. Remember that weather conditions may change, and if you get informed about these changes, you will be safe all the more. Using a cold-weather layering system will benefit you a lot. Take note of the qualities that you must look for in FR clothing.

Get Your Raingears Ready

Your FR raingear will be your partner to make sure your body temperature is stable during this time. Without it, your clothing can get wet, which means you are prone to lose more body heat. You may also face the risk of allowing moisture to easily seep in through your clothes. This can be a reason for an arc flash to easily travel. Aside from raingears, there are yet other FR wear that you can use for emergencies.

Make Sure All Body Parts are Protected

Protection goes from the head down to the toes. When wearing head gear, make it a point that you get the proper fit, and when liners or hats are in use, they should not be the reason for slippage. The liner or hat must be able to cover your neck as well.

Aside from this, make sure that your hands and arms are also protected. Invest in additional liners, and have your gloves and boots ready to protect your hands and feet. These pieces of clothing will keep you warm during this weather.

You Must Also Wear Eye Protection

You know that during winter, chemicals and debris can easily get into your eyes. This is one of the many reasons why you need eye protection during the season. Of course, consider the fact that your eyes may be irritated with harsh winds and icy blasts. In addition to protective eye wear, you must also use face covers when working in hazardous environments.

Once you have considered the above tips when choosing the right FR clothing that you must wear during winter, you should also see to it that your clothing is clean. That way, you can use them again when the next winter comes. Also, your PPE must be well-maintained too. This is the only way you can be assured that they will take care of your safety as they promise.

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