A List Of The Brightest Headlamps For Linemen

A List Of The Brightest Headlamps For Linemen

As linemen, you know your working environments can be dangerous. Be it working in wall cavities or other locations that are rather dim, getting sufficient light can make your work both easier and safer. We all want to get home safe and well to our families after a long day at work, and linemen certainly know the value of a good headlamp. The search for a headlamp can be confusing with the plethora of options available on the internet, with headlamps marketed to various groups of buyers ranging from hikers to campers to the good ole dad who doubles as a handyman at home.

Just imagine what it would be like having the best headlamps with you while you are at work. They would make your job and your life so much easier. And with our great selection of headlamps, we can confidently say that if you want a good product, do not hesitate to come to us. Having reviewed the many options out there on the market, we have got you covered. Here are our top 4 recommended headlamps for linemen.

What to Consider When Buying a Headlamp

For those in the trade, a good headlamp should be bright, have a long battery life, and be both dustproof and waterproof. As such, linemen must consider the following factors when selecting a headlamp:

  • Brightness Levels and Patterns
  • Beam Strength
  • Weather Resistance Capabilities

Top 4 Headlamps for Linemen

  1. Klein Tools Headlamp

If you prefer to keep it traditional with a headlamp that uses AAA batteries, then this is the one for you. Battery life lasts up to 120 hours so you will not have to charge it as often as you might think. Whilst its choice of battery makes it seem old-school, its capabilities say otherwise. This headlamp taps into the use of power tap technology, allowing an immediate transition between full and dimmed brightness without reverting to full power. It is also water and dust-resistant, withstanding immersions of up to 1m. In addition, it has a 45-degree tilt feature and both spotlight and floodlight modes.

  1. Princeton Tec AXIS Rechargeable Headlamp

Another strong contender for the win in this list, the water-resistant Princeton Tec AXIS Rechargeable Headlamp features 10 different modes. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this headlamp can last you a whole 15 hours. Its built-in battery power meter keeps you aware of when you can remove the USB cable and get going. One of the best parts is its glove-friendly push button that allows you to easily select between four beam settings and the surrounding dial that provides brightening or dimming of each mode.

  1. MADI LED Headlamp

This product has 450 lumens of power and a water resist-IP65 feature. It is perfect for storm work. It is also lightweight and works with or without the majority of flash or face shields. It uses 4 AA batteries, which are not included with the product. This headlamp has a total of three modes: bright, dim, and off. In addition, this product comes with a storage bag. Do note, however, that the flash shield is not included.

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