All You Need To Know About Electrician Knives

All You Need To Know About Electrician Knives

Knives come in different forms, and with the choices that you have, you must also be well-versed with how these different types serve you better. When you are an electrician, you must choose a variety that is purposely made for your job. It would be easy to spot a product in the hand tools list, as electrician knives are usually found in sections where wire brushes, lighting, auger bits, and electrician tools can be found.

What are Electrician Knives?

Electrician knives are distinct from other types of knives since these ones commonly contain an insulated material that reduces one's risk for an electric shock. Many electricians would go for multi-tool or pocket knives, but nothing beats getting a good-quality, sharp knife that can easily protect you from injury when using them in the field.

What are its Uses?

Electrician knives are designed for cutting cables and wires, as well as for stripping plastic insulation for these parts. They come in handy too when cutting boxes that contain electrical equipment. The good thing about an electrician knife is that it is made so that the core wire won't be harmed when the insulation layer is cut. Its edge is responsible for making sure of that.

Aside from construction and electrical industries, those working in the wood industry can also rely upon using these knives. They can be a perfect partner for carving and chipping wood at home as well. Others come in a multi-use variation that can also help a lot when drilling or screwing holes. This will be helpful in allowing wires to easily pass through the wood.

What are The Different Types of Blades Used for these Knives?

When choosing electrician knives, you are faced with choices. You can choose depending on the blade design, each made to help you with specific tasks. Here is a list to take note of:

  • Spear Point Blade. This has a sharp point and sharp edge, and is commonly seen in knife versions that have double edges in it. This is used for piercing, and is also known as the "dagger." There are plenty of alterations made to this design, so you must check on the different varieties available.
  • Coping Blade. This one has a straight spine and is used when you are creating parallel lines. The thin sharp point in this blade can be used to cut open electrical boxes or when stripping wires.
  • Hawkbill/Pruner Blade. This knife is used for pruning, as well as when cutting carpets, wires, roofing paper, strings and linoleum. The knife carrying this blade is often large in size, and are often single-bladed with variations coming with an extra saw on them.
  • Sheepsfoot Blade. This has a bowed spine and straight edge, as well as there is no tip used for piercing. This is used to cut sheep hooves, and for carving wood. They are favored because those using them won't accidentally puncture themselves as they go on doing their electrical work.

These are but some of the things that you must know about electrician knives. Make sure that you choose a variety that will best suit your job, and at the same time ensure your safety.

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