Essential Tools For Linemen

Work that is done by a lineman is crucial to ensuring that homes and businesses have electricity. They have to work on transmission and distribution lines that are found above and below ground. So, linemen require a wide variety of tools and equipment for the job. These tools should be practical and also designed to keep the lineman safe. Linemen work on powerlines and electrical cables so they need to be protected from electric shocks and other accidents. Read on to learn more about the essential tools for linemen!

Personal Protective Grounds

Personal protective grounds are important for linemen so that they are protected from electrical shock. These personal protective grounds do that by ensuring that the electrical current is safely redirected to the ground.

The following basic parts are needed for grounding cable building:

  • Cable
  • Ferrule
  • Clamps
  • Cluster or four-way connector

Insulated Tools

A lineman should have the proper hand-tools including screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, wrenches, crimping tools, sockets, ratchets, skinning knives, wire stripping tools, bolt cutters and more. Having a wide range of hand tools will make sure that the lineman is equipped to handle any job.

Linemen Safety Equipment

The work of a lineman is dangerous, so they have to look after their safety at all levels. These include having protective grounding, safety apparel and insulated tools. Every tool and equipment piece that a lineman has should keep them protected from electric shocks and ensure their safety while they climb up on utility poles to fix the powerlines and circuits.

  • Hard hats

Hard hats are an important piece of safety equipment that should be worn at all times. The outer shell is lightweight but also durable so that it protects your head from falling debris. Linemen can make use of face shields that attach to the hard hats for flash protection.

  • Insulated gloves and sleeves

Insulated rubber gloves are essential for protecting against electric shocks. There are rubber gloves available to protect against different levels of voltage. Workers can also make use of rubber insulated sleeves to protect themselves in case they accidentally come into contact with a live wire.

  • Boots

Rubber boots must be worn to protect linemen from electric shock when they are climbing metal poles. Various boots offer differing levels of protection.

  • Climbing belt

When linemen climb utility poles, it is important for them to use climbing belts and harnesses so they can prevent falls. Good quality belts and harnesses must be used so they can support the weight of workers. 

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