Five Must-Have Electrical Lineman Work Gloves For The Job

Five Must-Have Electrical Lineman Work Gloves For The Job

When packing your tool bag, be sure not to leave your work gloves. Many electrical linemen perform manual labor with their hands, and it is very crucial for them to be protected from any potential workplace hazards. You need to understand that being vigilant while working is a responsibility; an electric shock can have serious consequences. That is why wearing proper lineman work gloves is necessary to prevent such situations from arising.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Electrical Gloves

The CLC Custom Leathercraft Electrical Gloves include reinforced fingertips that will not wear down as quickly. The palms are cushioned and are constructed from a strong microfiber that improves ventilation. If you frequently work in hot situations and prefer not to get your hands sweaty beneath your gloves, you will definitely like this pair of gloves.

DeWalt Electrical Gloves

For people who go through regular work gloves quickly, the DeWalt electrical gloves are the best alternative. The design protects the knuckles and helps to avoid deterioration in high-stress regions such as your hands. The synthetic fiber in the gloves is sturdy enough to endure pressure without displaying symptoms of wear until much later when they start to break down from frequent use. This glove is also appropriate for individuals who want to avoid skin inflammation.

Greenlee Electrical Gloves

If you are looking for an affordable option, the Greenlee Electrical Gloves provide users with basic cushioning and an elastic cuff that can be easily tightened or loosened to tailor the fit to your work. Furthermore, these electrical gloves offer a robust design for long-term durability. It is composed of a moisture management fabric, which helps to eliminate sweat and keep your hands dry. There is also foam padding for the knuckles to prevent them from becoming sore while you work.

Klein Tools Journeyman Gloves

The Klein Tools Journeyman Gloves, being one of the most durable pairs of electrical work gloves, provide long-lasting protection from dangerous materials such as fluids and chemicals. If you are a lineman searching for a glove that encourages dexterity, this is the glove for you. There is an open cuff that makes the glove comfortable to wear, as it absorbs frictions while you perform tasks like gripping items in the rainy weather.

Milwaukee Electrical Gloves

This pair of gloves is heavily resistant to damage. What makes the product unique is the smart swipe knuckle which has touchpads on the back of the glove to prevent unclean fingers from coming into contact with displays. It is also made up of stretchy synthetic fibers that allow these gloves to fit comfortably without sacrificing flexibility, so you will be able to wear them for prolonged periods of time.

Finding Quality Lineman Work Gloves

As a lineman, if you are working on live wires, be sure to always check the features of your work gloves and check the voltage capacity that they can withstand. Each glove has unique qualities, and no two gloves are the same. At JY Products, we strongly advise you to purchase a lineman work glove only after carefully considering your work requirements.

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