Four Types Of Cable Cutters For Linemen

Four Types Of Cable Cutters For Linemen

Many linemen in the industry consider cable cutters to be a must-have tool. They are available in a range of different designs and sizes, with each serving a specific purpose. Furthermore, selecting the right cable cutter might help you to complete tasks more quickly and easily. Knowing which cable cutters to use would help you to lessen the potential damage you may cause during the cut. Don't you want to know what kind of cable cutters are best for the job? Read on to learn more about the various types of cable cutters that you can invest in.

High-Leverage Cable Cutters

This particular type of cable cutter provides exceptional cutting capacities and is designed to easily hack through thicker cables. The hot-riveted joint assures smooth operation on top of quality precision. It also allows you to use it comfortably while shearing with one hand. Why don’t you give Klein’s high-leverage cable cutter a try? It is capable of cutting through aluminum, soft copper, and even a 100-pair 24 AWG communications cable. Furthermore, it is ideal for use even in small, confined areas.

Insulated Cable Cutters

As much as efficiency is important, safety should also be a key factor in determining when to use insulated tools. When there is a danger of being exposed to electrical shocks, insulated cable cutters are the best tool for such a situation. They are safe to use for cutting aluminum, soft copper, and communication cable since they are properly protected from electrical charges.

Ratcheting Cable Cutters

Looking to make accurate and neat cuts on cables during work? Give the ratcheting cable cutter a try! It is an essential tool that allows you to cut through thick cables quickly and cleanly. It has a ratchet mechanism in its design, which means that it requires fewer strokes per cut and that you can attain maximum leverage with the least amount of work. These cable cutters have a quick-release level that allows the blades to be readily opened in any cutting position, allowing the cable to be removed before the cut is completed.

Standard Cable Cutters

Standard cable cutters usually come in a variety of sizes and extraordinarily robust, extended fiberglass handles. There are usually lightweight, but still capable of making clean, even cuts due to their replaceable hook-jaw blades feature. The cutter has a comfortable vinyl hold that makes it easy to grip and hold the cables easily.

The Importance of a Good Cable Cutter

Working as a lineman entails the use of powerful cable cutters capable of securely cutting through electrical lines. Before making a purchase, be sure to check the descriptions of the products to verify that they are properly insulated and approved for cutting wires. Depending on what you need to cut, you have to ensure that those tools are cable of doing so without difficulty. Furthermore, certain cable cutters are intended to cut through tough materials like copper and steel. In such cases, it would be best to have more than one pair of cable cutters that you can depend on.

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