How Moisture-Wicking FR Clothing Protect You From Heat Stress

How Moisture-Wicking FR Clothing Protect You From Heat Stress

For linemen, potential hazards on the job are aplenty. Our work environments are dangerous by nature despite our keen adherence to safety protocols and use of safety equipment. Whenever we climb a pole to fix cables, we face both man-made risks like falls and natural risks like strong winds and lightning strikes. It is no wonder that in 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked linework as one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the United States.

One of the biggest risks linemen face on the job is heat stress. Although non-fatal, this common occupational hazard adds more danger to the already hazard-abundant job. In this article, we speak about moisture-wicking FR clothing, a less known solution to combat heat stress.

What is Heat Stress?

Heat stress is a condition where the body faces stress from overheating. This is due to prolonged periods of exposure to extreme heat or hot work environments. Factors that cause this include sun exposure, high humidity, dehydration, and engaging in strenuous physical activities. Persons above 65, who have high blood pressure or have heart problems have a higher risk of heat stress.

Symptoms to look out for that could indicate heat stress include high body temperature, red and damp skin, increased pulse, and headaches or dizziness.

How Heat Stress Affects Linemen

When this occurs, it poses huge risks to the lineworker.

  1. It affects the worker’s body condition

 The individual may lose concentration, become confused, and have issues focusing. If severe, heat stress can also result in heat stroke and heat cramps.

  1. It affects job performance and safety

The above symptoms will cause a decline in the worker’s decision-making skills and reaction time, which negatively impacts job performance. The diminished physical condition of the worker could also lead to potentially fatal mistakes as every step in handling cable lines are delicate and have to be carefully handled.

How Moisture Wicking FR Clothing Tackles Heat Stress

Wearing the right clothes can help linemen stay cool and safe while working. While we cannot control nature, we can improve temperature regulation with modified workwear.

Moisture Wicking FR Clothing is lightweight and designed to provide all-day comfort with the use of breathability technology and moisture management technology. This is vital as moisture left in a piece of clothing prevents heat from escaping and causes body temperature to rise more rapidly. Moisture-wicking apparel combats this by rapidly transfusing moisture and sweat from inside the garment to outside, then spreading it on the external surface so it can dissipate, reducing the risk of the user being overheated.

Selecting the Right Moisture Wicking FR Clothing

When choosing moisture-wicking apparel, ensure they have these features.

-Offers permanent moisture management technology

-Designed with seamless underarms and flat seam construction to allow easy movements on the job and no-rub comfort

-UPF 50+ and offers at least 95% UV Radiation

It is recommended to have more than one type of moisture-wicking clothing that can last you through different types of weather. You can layer up with an FR shirt and FR outerwear when it gets colder, and wear an FR raingear when it is a rainy season.

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