How To Clean And Inspect Electrical Insulating Gloves

How To Clean And Inspect Electrical Insulating Gloves

As part of their work, linemen often use their hands for electrical equipment. They need to wear gloves that are well insulated to protect themselves against the risks of being exposed to electricity and flashes. To guarantee their safety, they need to also learn how to clean and inspect electrical insulating gloves for any damages. Even a slight tear can cause significant injuries to the wearer and it is recommended to avoid such situations by making proper preparations in advance.

What Are Electrical Insulating Gloves?

Essentially, electrical insulating gloves are made out of rubber to give an additional layer of protection against electric shock and voltage. They are usually worn underneath leather gloves to ensure that the rubber does not get damaged easily with abrasions, cuts, or punctures. Even if you do not use your gloves as often, it is important to still test their integrity and ensure that it is safe for further use.

Inspection of Gloves

The first and most important step is to inspect your gloves. Since the rubber of the gloves is extremely susceptible to scratches or punctures, you must inspect the pair that you will be wearing for any breaches. Electrical currents can easily travel through even a small hole to hurt you. Begin with a visual inspection, rubbing the rubber between your palms and looking for any odd markings. If you notice something strange, try squeezing it or peering at it from a closer distance. If there is no visible damage on the gloves, continue with the inflation test. The inflation test can assist you in checking for air leaks, which is a practical method of locating difficult-to-see holes.

Cleaning the Gloves

The easiest way to maintain the condition of your electrical insulating gloves is to clean and store them appropriately. Before cleaning your gloves, be sure to remove any sharp objects that you are wearing such as jewelry. With warm water and a gentle detergent, thoroughly clean the gloves and rinse after. The gloves should then be manually or air-dried with a clean, soft fabric. By cleaning your gloves thoroughly, you can lower the risk of getting shocked.

Storage Tips

When not being used, the safety gloves must be maintained appropriately to maintain their functionality. Proper storage involves not folding them and keeping them away from high heat, sunshine, moisture, ozone, and any chemical or anything that could damage the rubber. If you are planning to store your gloves in a sealed bag, be sure not to let anything be placed on top of the bag or pull them too much.

Electrical Insulating Gloves from JY Products

Electrical insulating gloves are a necessity in any lineman’s personal protection equipment. Linemen need to understand which insulating gloves are best for specific applications as well as the cleaning and storing methods to extend their use. While small physical defects can be remedied, it is preferable to change your gloves entirely because the patched-up region must have the same qualities as the original material. JY Products carries a selection of high-quality gloves that are suited for lineman and their duties.

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