How To Properly Layer FR Clothing In Cold Weather

How To Properly Layer FR Clothing In Cold Weather

Layering clothes during winter comes with the burden of possibly carrying a lot of weight on your body. More often than not, this can put you at risk, most especially if you have not chosen your layers correctly. The same thing happens if you are layering your work attire. When you layer FR clothing in cold weather, the concern extends from maintaining FR protection to ensuring that you stay warm, comfortable and dry throughout the day. Here is how to properly layer your FR clothes when it is cold outside.

Select an FR Layering System Properly

Your choice of FR clothing must depend on the fact that these clothes can pull away moisture from the body. Since you are layering your clothes, there is a great chance that the clothes will accumulate moisture. When that is the case, then you must not choose those types of clothing. Go for FR shirts specifically designed for the season, while you can also focus on your job without battling with moisture.

It is All About the Fabric

When choosing FR apparel for the colder months, you must go for those that contain fibers with an extra layer of moisture wicking protection. A lot of companies now go for fiber blends that ensure your safety at all times. FR sweatshirts, for instance, are no longer that heavy, and give comfort when you need them to. It is not just about protecting you from the cold weather. It is also about making sure that when the temperature slightly changes, you will still feel comfortable with them on.

Look for the Following Benefits

One thing you will hate about layering your clothes is the fact that you won't be able to move freely. When choosing an FR layering system then, you need to go for those containing stretchable materials for ease of movement. Add to this, it should be able to give the level of warmth that is not too overbearing, or underwhelming.

Your choice of clothing must also be wind- and water-resistant. The philosophy is to protect you from these elements, whether you remove or add layers. This will be your guarantee that you are still exuding confidence while wearing this apparel. Dual-certified garments must also be part of the benefits you will enjoy since this is the key to be safe from any potential hazard when doing your job.

Look into the Design of the Clothing

Knitted base layers allow sweat to easily wick away while you feel warm and dry all the time. Check on the protection value of the clothing so that you will get what you are paying for. If you decide to add a button-up shirt, you must make sure you enjoy optimal comfort as well.

If you are going for hoodies on top of these two layers, go for one with the vertical cut pocket so that your tools or whatever you put in it will not easily fall out. Comfort, safety and style should be of utmost consideration. Adding a layer of FR jacket will also be useful to keep you protected during the cold months. Go for those with a smooth polymer finish, and with zippered hand warmer pockets. A cellphone pocket included in the jacket will also help a lot.

These are but some of the things that will help you become stylish, fashionable, and comfortable when layering FR clothing during the cold months. Make sure that you choose your layers wisely.

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