Must-Have Traits For Every Lineman

Must-Have Traits For Every Lineman

In case you didn’t already know what linemen do, they are responsible for setting up as well as maintaining power lines, allowing electricity to flow into businesses and homes alike. As such, linemen are regarded as one of the most important jobs of the nation. However, due to the nature of the job scope, the role is considered to be high-risk not only because of electric hazards but also safety hazards since linemen have to climb high elements to access electrical lines. This makes linemen a unique profession that might not be suitable for everybody. Read on to learn about what are some of the must-have traits in a lineman. 

No Fear of Heights

As mentioned previously, linemen will have to brave high elements to have access to work on electrical lines. In most areas, the lowest clearance height for electrical lines already stands at 10 feet high, meaning that everyday work will be carried out at 10 feet or even higher. When it comes to carrying out works on transmission towers, the height can even reach 50 feet up to 180 feet. As such, you will need to be comfortable with working at tall heights for a long period. 

Thankfully, modern developments in fall protection equipment have helped to decrease the occurrence of incidents within the industry.

Physically and Mentally Stout

The job of linemen requires both strong physical and mental resilience. With much at stake, linemen need to apply their knowledge effectively and make the right decisions, all while being suspended above 10 feet in the air. As such, the role of a linesman will require one to be mentally robust and have the physical ability to continuously carry out work for hours on each sitting.

Hands-On Learner

Just like other skill-reliant jobs, linemen are a very skill-focused job and there is only so much knowledge a textbook can teach you. Application of skills is vastly different from understanding and memorizing theory, making it extremely important for linemen to be able to learn quickly hands-on.

Focus and Discipline

Ranked as the 15th most dangerous job in the United States, linemen undeniably face a higher risk at work as compared to individuals in other professions. As such, linemen need to be extremely disciplined and not cut corners during work that may affect the safety of not only themselves but colleagues alike.

Each day that electrical workers like linemen go to work, they are putting their lives on the line. As such, complacency cannot be tolerated in the industry. Regardless of how skilled or experienced an individual may be, all it takes is a moment of folly for a potentially fatal incident to occur.

Thankfully, proper safety guidelines and equipment can help to deter and keep the risks of hazards to a minimum. If you happen to be on the lookout for top-of-the-line climbing equipment to keep linemen safe during work, then we highly recommend that you consider JY Products.

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