Seven Potential Dangers Faced By Power Linemen

Seven Potential Dangers Faced By Power Linemen

Every day, power linemen encounter a slew of risks on the job. Electrical workers are frequently critically wounded as a result of motor vehicle accidents, toxic substance exposure, burns, electric shocks, and falls from unsafe heights. These accidents can potentially be lethal in some situations. Recognizing the extent of the hazards they face and implementing proper safety precautions will help keep power linemen safe. Read on to learn more about the potential dangers faced by power linemen.

Toxic Substance Exposure

Asbestos is a hazardous chemical that utility employees were often exposed to until the late part of the last century. Prior to that, asbestos-containing power lines were very common and exposed to electrical workers. Some electrical workers may have worn protective gear made partially of the hazardous chemical. While asbestos is no longer used in contemporary power lines, employees may be exposed to asbestos when working on older lines. Asbestos exposure can lead to a variety of long-term health problems, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving circumstances are frequently dangerous as power linemen execute their duties, particularly when they are needed to operate on electricity lines during busy times of the day, such as a rush hour. As a result, linemen may be at a higher risk of being injured in a motor vehicle accident at these times.

Physical Exhaustion

Utility workers frequently work long hours, especially during storms that necessitate emergency power restoration services. Working longer hours may cause stress, which may impair performance and raise the risk of injury.

Bad Weather

Electricity linemen are frequently in charge of restoring power during or after large storms. Workers are frequently subjected to flooding, ice, snow, rain, strong winds, and high temperatures. Linemen confront increased hazards as a result of strong wind gusts, slippery terrain, and falling debris that occur during severe weather conditions.

Falls from Unsafe Heights

Many work-related duties are performed by power linemen, such as installation, maintenance, and repair from unsafe heights. Working from a great height exposes them to the danger of injury from a fall.


Working with high-voltage wire is one of the most serious hazards that electricians confront. Workers risk being electrocuted if electrical wires are broken or poorly handled. Furthermore, electricity lines can create explosions and fires, increasing the danger of injury or death.

Inadequate Safety Gear

Utility companies are expected to provide suitable personal protection equipment to its employees. Workers are more likely to get injured on the job if they do not have the necessary equipment or do not utilize it appropriately.

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