Six Important Electrical Safety Gloves Tips To Prevent Injuries

Six Important Electrical Safety Gloves Tips To Prevent Injuries

While your protective uniforms are intended to reduce the impact of your injuries after an accident, electrical safety gloves are meant to protect you before anything happens. When operating on exposed electrical devices, picking an appropriate pair of gloves can give protection against electrical shocks. Check out some of these electrical safety gloves tips to avoid getting hurt.

Checking Air Leaks in Gloves

Even if there is no visible damage or defects on your gloves, carry out this final step to thoroughly inspect their conditions. Perform an air test to check the quality of the gloves. This is usually done by filling the glove with air manually or through an inflator and observing for any leaks. You should repeat the process after turning it inside out. If there are any leakages, you should discard the gloves and replace them with new quality ones that pass the test.

Examining Gloves Before Use

Before you use your electrical safety gloves, be sure to examine them closely first. Look out for any punctures or scratches that might have left an opening. With just a small hole, electrical currents can easily pass through and impact the condition of your body negatively. Try to use your hands to rub the gloves between your palms. This helps you to identify any gaps or unusual markings that might potentially be a gap. You can also try to look at it closer if it helps.

Maintaining the Condition of the Gloves

The significance of maintaining the condition of your gloves will guarantee your safety. Through warm water and mild soap, you can thoroughly clean your gloves and leave them to be hand dried with a clean cloth. Ensure that you remove any sharp items from your hands when you are cleansing your gloves.

Proper Glove Fit

It is necessary to have a good fit when you wear any kind of electrical safety gloves. If you were to wear one that is too loose or tight on you, it can restrict your flexibility and mobility. This can have fatal consequences if you are not careful on the job. Be sure to also adjust your glove sleeves. To measure the size that fits your hands, use a measuring tape between your middle finger and the base of your hand.

Regular Testing

On top of daily checks, you need to conduct an electrical test every six months on your safety gloves. They should be retested at a recognized lab for credible results. If there are any indications that there are damages to the equipment, a replacement or repair has to be made. You should not use a pair of gloves that contains defects as you can potentially cause yourself to get burns or more serious wounds.

Wearing the Right Gloves

There are a number of classifications for voltage protection levels the available electrical safety gloves provide. It is important for you to wear gloves that are equipped to handle the various voltages that your work has you exposed to. This categorization helps you to identify which gloves are appropriate for use and what you need to do to stay safer.

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