Spring FR Clothing For Linemen

Spring FR Clothing For Linemen

FR clothing, short for flame-resistant clothing, refers to any type of garment that is designed to protect the wearer from thermal injuries and flames. FR clothing is resistant to ignition and will self-extinguish itself so long as the source of ignition is removed. As such, FR clothing is often worn by workers operating in high-risk environments where the possibility of a fire occurring is much higher. One such occupation is that of linemen, a person who helps to construct and maintain electric lines and power transmissions. As such, linemen are susceptible to electrical fires and need quality FR clothing to keep themselves safe. However, it is not recommended to use a single design of FR clothing for every season due to ever-changing work conditions. 

Spring FR Clothing

Spring is one of those seasons where the climate is rather unpredictable. While the mornings can appear to feel cold and chilly, the situation can quickly turn into a hot sauna during the afternoon. As such, spring makes it extremely difficult for us to choose and even more so for linemen who have to FR clothing. At one moment, the thick padding of the FR clothing can protect you from the cold mornings, and then the other, transition to become a source of unbearable heat. 

Thankfully, with the advancement of today’s clothing options, linemen can have the benefit of comfortable clothing through the right choice of garments. At JY Products, our FR shirts are lightweight, look like normal t-shirts, and protect users against flash fires. We also offer vented shirts if you need an enhanced range of motion and breathability.

Head Gear

Did you know? It is estimated that approximately 10% of the heat we lose takes place through our heads. If you have ever seen steam emitting from someone’s head after an intense workout in a chilly environment, that’s when you know a person is losing body heat through the head area. Keep the head area covered with FR-approved headgear, and increase overall comfort by wearing breathable FR shirts that suit all seasons, Individuals can also get extra protection by wearing face mufflers that improves breathability wicks moisture, and are hypoallergenic.

Base Layer

Often overlooked by many, the base layer of your clothing choice makes a great difference in the level of comfort you feel in your FR gear. The base layer is also known as the layer closest to the skin and is also responsible for allowing your body to regulate temperature without absorbing moisture. We highly recommend linesmen to wear fabrics that are capable of retaining body heat yet resistant to moisture as the base layer.

Outer Layer

Good spring FR clothing should be breathable and designed for all-weather conditions, year-round. Choose an outer (e.g., a hooded sweatshirt) that protects you even if it catches on fire. It is important to note that OSHA made it mandatory for all electrical linemen to wear FR clothing on the worksite all day and every day.

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