The Importance Of Wearing Lineman Safety Glasses

The Importance Of Wearing Lineman Safety Glasses

Eye damage is one of the most devastating injuries that a lineman can sustain, and depending on severity, their vision may be impaired or completely lost for life. This is just one of the reasons why purchasing a pair of high-quality lineman safety glasses is so important.

You’ll Have Protection from Extremely Bright Illumination

Linemen routinely find themselves in situations where they are exposed to high-intensity illumination. These lights can arise from various sources such as lasers, wielding torches, vehicles or the sun itself. Wearing safety glasses will protect your precious vision from the direct effects of these lights while ensuring that you can always see what you’re doing to prevent accidents and injuries.

Your Eyes Will Be Protected from Pesticides and Chemicals

Some areas are full of pesticides and chemicals, especially in industrial environments. At a minimum, those that work in such areas without adequate visual protection may develop inflammation, which causes their eyes to swell and turn red with vision that is blurry. There is also the possibility of developing allergic reactions.

Safety Glasses Will Shield Your Eyes from Flying Objects and Debris

Anyone that has spent time working in a construction or mining site knows these areas are notorious for flying objects and debris which get all over the place. Wearing safety glasses will ensure that you’re never struck in the eye by flying particles and it will also prevent visual irritation from pollen, wood, dust and dirt which otherwise can cause both short and long-term damage.

Safety Glasses Will Help You Avoid Eye Diseases

Scientists and doctors have failed to find cures for the majority of diseases, including those which afflict the eyes. This means prevention is the only real solution for a lineman, and safety glasses will prevent the numerous vision issues that you can develop from being around electrical equipment and staring at digital screens for long periods of time.

What Features Should You Look for In Safety Glasses?

There are a bunch of products on the market, and some are better than others. The best option for linemen is dielectric safety glasses because they are made with non-conducting materials. Furthermore, since no part of these glasses is manufactured with metal, this means electricity has nothing to pass through and the materials can actually offer insulation.

You also want to purchase a pair of safety glasses that have been EH certified. Aside from this, manufacturers are also recognizing the importance of fashion and style since even linemen want to look good while doing their jobs. This is why safety glasses are now sold in a wide range of colors and many companies can even customize frames specifically for you that feature any logo you want.

However, bear in mind that safety glasses are just one of the pieces of equipment you should adorn while performing lineman work. Other PPE equipment includes safety gloves, boots and harnesses. There are also other accessories sold on the market to prevent falls and provide protection against burns and electrocution.

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