The Ultimate Guide To Lineman Belts

The Ultimate Guide To Lineman Belts

Climbing up and down a pole is one component of the job but being able to correctly position oneself to get the job done safely and quickly while at working level on a pole is what separates a lineman from a person climbing a pole. The further out from the pole you can reach with both hands, the better off you will be. You will not only be more effective while working, but you will also acquire the respect of your coworkers. The comfort level of your lineman belts will decide how comfortable you are when working around the pole and leaning out.

Determining Your Size

Lineman belts are offered based on the size of their D-rings. If you order a belt that is too small, it will be overly tight, and your hips will ache after only a few minutes on the pole. A lineman belt that is overly large will feel unnatural and having the D's too forward can induce hip discomfort. There are two ways to determine your D-ring size:

  • Cross your back and measure from the prominent area of your hip bones to the other hip
  • Subtract 10 from your jeans waist size

Single Set D’s Lineman Belts

These lineman belts with only a D-rings set are lighter, but there is less place for your fall arrest and positioning lanyards. Some feature a higher back for added comfort. Because this belt was designed before statutory fall arrest and extra lanyards, there are no extra D-rings to assist them, but you may still observe all safety requirements while wearing it. This type is ideal if you want a classic, lightweight lineman belt that will facilitate you in completing your job.

Stacked D’s Lineman Belts

These lineman belts feature a supplementary set of tinier D rings below or above the principal set of D rings. They have a higher back and provide greater support, but they are heftier. With the stacked D's, getting over obstacles and repositioning your work placement safety lanyard is a breeze. A belt and buckle design provides optimal comfort and allows the lineman to easily move about and lift up their legs when climbing. It will also save you weight. With the stacked option, primary D's are fully floating.

Dual D’s Lineman Belts

These lineman belts feature a primary set of D-rings and a secondary set of D-rings in line behind the first set. Secondary D-rings are often flared outward to help linemen snap in while crossing over obstructions. The major D's are fully floating, allowing the lineman to move about freely while on the pole. D-rings that are independent of the belt allow the lineman to effortlessly bend his hips or lean out while on the pole.

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