The Ultimate Guide To Proper Lineman Apparel

The Ultimate Guide To Proper Lineman Apparel

Linemen are often facing various conditions in order to get their job done. They brave the harsh weather, travel to great heights, and even endure long hours. In order to be well-prepared for their duties, proper lineman apparel needs to be equipped so that they can be safe. Wearing quality gear is necessary to protect linemen from the dangers of their work nature.

Climbing Belt and Spikes

In order to stay secured to the pole, linemen will wear a climbing belt that can hold harnesses. This utility belt supports them as they go up the pole safely and can hold a range of weights depending on the number of tools they bring with them.

Climbing Spikes

Climbing spikes are often used together with other climbing equipment. They are metal spikes that are usually fastened to linemen's boots to assist them in climbing utility poles. The spike is always made of steel to ensure its durability when penetrating the pole, allowing lineman to climb safely and swiftly.

Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing

In the event of an electrical failure or fire, a lineman has to wear clothing that is flame resistant and made of the right material. The electrical breakdown could result in a tremendous explosion with extreme temperatures and strong pressure.

Hard Hat

Made from hard plastic, a hard hat contains an inner web suspension system and an extended brim that shields linemen from falling debris. As part of the personal protective equipment standards, any workers visiting a job site have to wear one.

Rubber Gloves

As linemen are often exposed to live wires and electricity, rubber gloves are essential to prevent electric shock. Multiple layers of gloves or protectors are frequently used to provide an extra degree of security. Wearing leather gloves is typically the norm so that a lineman can limit the possibility of puncturing or ripping from sharp objects.

Safety Glasses

When working on electrical wires, safety glasses protect you from any potential flashes or foreign objects that might obstruct your view. It is important to keep your vision clear so that you can keep an eye out for any dangers or issues that might arise.

Steel-toed Boots

A lineman must also choose appropriate boots for their duties. The steel-toed boots provide steel and arch support to assist the lineman in climbing a pole. It also protects the feet from any potential falling objects.

Tool Belt

For ease of access, wearing a tool belt or pouch can help to organize all the required hand tools a lineman would need. Instead of spending hours finding the exact tool you need in your tool bag, it would be easier to have it with you, especially when you have to climb to high spots.

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