Three Types Of Climbing Gear And Safety Equipment For Linemen

Three Types Of Climbing Gear And Safety Equipment For Linemen

A lineman's job is not a simple one, but it is one that must be done. Linemen are responsible for maintaining and repairing powerlines and other equipment. One part of a lineman's job that makes it perilous is the climbing involved. To conduct their work safely, lineman must wear adequate climbing gear and safety equipment. If you are new to the climbing industry, it is critical to understand what climbing equipment you will require as well as how the climbing equipment works. Read on to learn about lineman climbing gear and equipment you'll need to complete your job safely as a lineman.

Lineman Belts

Lineman belts are belts that lineman use to keep themselves fastened to utility poles when climbing. The belt wraps around the lineman's waist and is connected to a pole climbing strap. In the event of a fall, the pole strap protects the lineman from slipping down the pole. Lineman belts are designed to support and keep the lineman attached to the pole. Linemen can lean back and be supported by the belt while they work with both hands.

Lineman Boots

When selecting boots, one choice to consider is whether you want boots that reach up above the ankle or boots that come up just below the knee. You should make your decision based on your comfort and the level of protection you require. Another factor to consider with your boots is the safety toe. If your workplace requires you to wear safety toe boots, you can obtain boots with steel or nonmetallic composite toes.

Lineman boots are designed to be comfortable and supportive, especially if you will be climbing for an extended period of time. In most cases, linemen wear their climbing boots all day so that they may climb anytime without taking extra time to change footwear. Comfort is key.

Climbing Spikes

Climbing spikes are metal spikes fitted to the boots to assist linemen in climbing utility poles. Climbers are made up of a leg iron and a spike called a gaff that protrudes from the leg iron. The leg iron's height may be modified to suit the lineman's comfort and can be constructed of titanium, aluminum alloy, or steel. The spike is always constructed of steel to ensure its durability when it penetrates the utility pole.

Climbing spikes are secured to the boots by straps that can be fastened using Velcro or a buckle. The upper strap has a cushion that is soft against the skin and helps to prevent chaffing. Climbing spikes come in a number of types, each with its own set of pads, straps, gaffs, and leg irons.

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