Climbing Belt (Heritage) 20192CM-BH

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Buckingham's 20192CM-BH belt now available in this Heritage vintage edition, made of high quality ultra-soft distressed leather. You won't find a better looking or more comfortable belt then this one, this short back high mobility is a game changer and a trend setter. This belt comes XS,S,L,XL,2X the user can make adjustments ranging from 3 to 4 D sizes (please see chart below). Sizes XS and 2X are considered custom sizes which will incur extra cost for material and labor, please contact customer service for more information.

  • XS      D size 18-20
  • S         D size 20-23 
  • M        D size 23-26
  • L          D size 26-29
  • XL        D size 29-33
  • 2X        D size 33-36