MADI Tri-Penta Wrench TP-1

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MADI Tri-Penta Wrench features a combined three everyday function that becomes a convenient tool for you. Perfect for limited space and tough spaces, the speed sleeve will spin freely allowing you to prevent friction on your hands and gloves.  

  • The 3/4' penta socket was designed to open all transformers and switch gears. 
  • The 3/8' screwdriver is good for opening primary and secondary doors.  
  • The speed sleeve spins freely to help open up transformers and switch gears 2X's faster. 
  • Hand hold lid lifter built in feature is designed for lifting hand hole lids. 
  • Can use; 1/2' Drive Hand Tool, 1/2' or 3/8' Drill Driver, 1/2' Impact Driver.
  • Includes removable drill adaptor and penta socket. 

Sku: TP-1