Apex Tool Group

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About Apex Tool Group

Apex Tool Group is the leading manufacturer of professional hand and power tools and is internationally renowned for quality, value, and innovation. Apex Tool Group consists of multiple powerhouse brands, including APEX®, Crescent®, SATA®, GEARWRENCH®, Cleco®, and Weller®. Apex Tool Group aims to bring customers tools that solve real-world problems, and the company also provides customers with market research and end-user data. Its commitment to never-ending improvement is what enables Apex Tool Group to constantly surpass product quality standards and deliver impressive results.

Popular Apex Tool Group Products to Choose From

  • Tap & Die Set 3887

This 75-piece ratcheting Tap and Die set by GEARWRENCH® is great for use in tight and confined areas, and the patented Twist Lock Guide System helps to minimize the backwalk of the die guide and keeps the dies centralized when cutting threads. The auto-locking feature also allows the tap adapter to be safely removed. The set includes a Tap and Die ratcheting "T" wrench, die adapter, small tap adapter, medium tap adapter, 34 taps, 34 dies, and more. Made of carbon steel construction, the Tap and Die set is long-lasting and covered by a lifetime warranty.

  • Quadbox Wrench (Big) 85203

The off-corner loading design provides a much better grip for the user and reduces fastener rounding. Made from steel alloy, GEARWRENCH®’s Quadbox Wrench is much stronger and more durable, making it an ideal tool for professional linemen.

  • Combo Ratcheting Wrench Set

Made by GEARWRENCH®, this ratcheting wrench set is the perfect wrench set for your needs. It consists of 13 XL ratcheting SAE wrenches. The XL wrenches are longer, stronger, and also have a polished chrome finish.

  • Pliers 20509NN

These lineman pliers from Crescent® are made with a metal handle and can handle tough wire cutting jobs. The pliers are also high-leverage and designed for electrical workers to use.

  • Quick Connect Hex Adapter

APEX® Quick Connect Hex Adapter is designed to fit better and has less cam-out and stripping. It is made of high-quality steel and has a rust prevention finish, making it last longer and less prone to wear and tear.

Who Needs Apex Tool Group Products?

Apex Tool Group provides tools for a wide range of industries, including industrial, electronics, construction, vehicle service and assembly, and aerospace. Our hand tools, power tools, and electronics tools exceed industry standards and are more than suitable for all professional workers in these industries.

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