Arborists Tools

An arborist’s job is to study the structure and function of trees. This includes things such as growth, cultivation, diseases, decay, diseases and other aspects of tree surgery. Arborists also look at the management and study of individual trees, vines, shrubs and woody plants. Their job is a general one, more so than a tree service technician. This is because arborists care for the health of the whole tree, just like a family doctor would.

Understanding Arborists

Trees are found everywhere and they provide people with various benefits. Trees give us shade, product oxygen and also provide food. They prevent soil erosion and keep the streets and cities cool. They are also very pleasant to look at and people like to have trees around. Just like people, trees require the right care and nutrients for them to stay healthy. Arborists are there to provide trees with this kind of care. Trees can provide many benefits to us, but if left untouched they could result in damage. They might overgrow onto people’s homes and power lines. They can even cause damage in severe weather, leading to power outages and dangerous collapses.

Here are the main ways in which an arborist maintains and cares for trees:

  • Tree Pruning

Arborists determine what type of pruning is required for individual trees. Pruning will help to promote healthy growth, remove dead wood and protect the tree from insects.

  • Tree Removal

This happens as a last resort, when the arborist decides that the tree should be removed. An arborist has the proper skills and equipment needed for them to safely and efficiently remove trees.

  • Tree Planting

Planting the tree in the right place will lead to the tree’s long-term health. An arborist can choose the right location and help with planting.

  • Emergency Tree Care

If trees fall due to storms, an arborist is called to make sure the situation is managed well.

Why Should Arborists Get Their Lineman Tools and Apparel from JY Products?

Arborists carry out tree pruning, tree removal, tree planting and emergency tree care. So, they will need the right tools for this job of attending to the trees. Arborists spend most of the time outside, working in many kinds of weather conditions. They work long hours, especially when storms knock down trees, cause power outages or cause transportation blockages. As they prune and cut trees, they have to take note of their safety as well.

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