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About Bashlin

Bashlin’s founder started developing functional and comfortable climbing equipment in 1926 due to his passion to provide better products for linemen. After 90 years, Bashlin’s dedication to providing innovative, high-quality, and comfortable equipment to customers is still strong. Bashlin is internationally recognized as a manufacturer of excellent climbing equipment, fall protection gear, and other tools.  

Popular Bashlin Products to Choose From

  • Patriot (Bashlin)

Patriot is a wood fall protection device and positioning lanyard. Bashlin’s innovative design makes Patriot 20% more lightweight than wood fall protection products from other brands and helps to reduce upper body stress. Want to maintain a safe posture when climbing? Bashlin has your back! Patriot enables you to position your body and legs properly when climbing to minimize injuries and accidents. 

  • Climbers (Bashlin Alum.) BD14B-1N

Bashlin’s aluminum climbers allow you to climb with confidence and provide great support for any lineman job. The product features a replaceable gaff, gaff guards, and a gaff gauge. In addition, Bashlin’s climbers also incorporate a unique design that enables the gaff to grip onto poles easily.

  • Velcro C Pads (Bashlin) Aluminium

You can use aluminum or steel climbers together with Bashlin’s Wide Angled Aluminium Velcro Climber Pads. This product is made of leather with a moisture-wicking pad, an angled metal insert, and a hook and loop closure.

  • Tool Holster (Bashlin)

Crafted with russet leather pockets and a double-backed design, Bashlin’s tool holster can fit screwdrivers, rulers, pliers, wrenches, and more. You can secure this tool holster to your belt using a two-piece screw rivet set. The high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship make this holster the perfect choice for you to

  • Tool Bag (Bashlin)

This bright yellow tool bag comes in a large size of 24” by 19” by 11”, allowing you to store all of your important tools in it. It is made of sturdy and long-lasting polyester and has nylon handles that are comfortable for you to carry around.

Who Needs Bashlin Products?

Bashlin’s products are perfect for professional linemen and arborists as well as other industrial workers who use climbing gear and fall protection equipment in their jobs. You are sure to appreciate Bashlin’s products for their functionality and unique design that keeps you safe at work.

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