Belt Accessories

A lineman’s belt or a climbing belt is amongst the most important of equipment that anyone in the electrical construction industry will need. Every lineman goes through extreme conditions to get the job done, working in the air up to 120 feet off the ground. The more multifunctional your climbing belt can be, the easier, productive, and time-efficient you can be. This is a problem best solved by choosing the latest and best belt accessories to attach onto your belt.

About Belt Accessories for Electrical Construction Works

A climbing belt is what utility line workers use when they are working on towers or poles for maintenance, installation, or repair work. These belts are generally used to support the worker’s lower back and to allow them the freedom to use both their hands. However, it is not only just an anchoring device and postural support, but it is also important for linemen and women to have easy access to their tools.

This is a very large category of items ranging from tool holsters, bags, carabiners, hooks, holders, pouches, and other relevant accessories. Which is the best for you will be highly dependent on your preferences, work situation, as well as the different projects.

Benefits of Belt Accessories for Electrical Construction Works

The largest benefit of belt accessories is that they allow for customizability when it comes to your climbing belt. When you are working 120 feet in the air, it is important to have everything you and your team need on you. For everyone, this will mean different things and what is important is that you make your climbing belt work best for you.

Get High-Quality Belt Accessories at JY Products

There are many belt accessories that we carry at JY Products. One of our best sellers is the Buckingham’s double back holster. Not only does it feature 5 pockets for you to put your tools, but there is also a two-way knife snap. This holster has a fixed structure and serves to protect your holster from tools that may buckle or bend your holster.

Another product to consider is a bolt bag. In particular Buckingham’s bolt bag 4570M2 features a strong magnet that can secure the nuts and bolts that you put into it. The product is very thoughtfully designed with looping straps that allow it to be easily attached to your climbing belt or other accessories. More importantly, it is made of quality material to ensure that it is able to withstand the rigors of long term use.

Why Choose JY Products?

Here at JY Products, our founder and team have experience in the lineman profession and are continually expanding our knowledge on the best of climbing belts and belt accessories. Whether it is making sure that safety standards are met, or just meeting the demands of our fellow lineman, our team is dedicated to choosing the best products possible.

To find out more about the different tools, fall protection products, and climbing equipment that we carry, contact us at JY Products today!