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At JY Products, our mission is to provide all our customers with the best products and customer service experience without compromising on honesty or integrity. Whether it is fall protection, tools, or climbing equipment, we ensure that we stock a wide array of products to help linemen and women get the job done.


Our Climbing Equipment and Fall Protection Best Sellers at JY Products

  • Supersqueeze w/ Inner Rope 488R: As one of our bestsellers in our fall protection category, the Supersqueeze from Buckingham is a lightweight option that does not compromise on wood fall restriction. The inner rope design is created in order to maximize the distribution of the weight for optimal comfort. This system will also allow for outer strap adjustment that can be easily done with one hand, just with a simple flick of your wrist.
  • EZ Squeeze w/ Woven Inner Strap: This is another top product from Buckingham that offers a lightweight solution to fall restrictions on wood poles. Just like the previous product, it allows for easy outer-strap adjustment with the Buckingham’s WebGrab. However, this product goes one step further as it features the BuckHorn adjustment lever which makes it even easier for the user to adjust the outer strap as they will not have to remove their weight
  • Patriot (Bashlin) : The Patriot by Bashlin is also another solution for wood pole fall protection. Not only is it 20% more lightweight than other brands, but it also helps to reduce upper body stress. More importantly, the patriot supports the user’s ability to have proper leg placement and body positioning when climbing.
  • Hoffman Boots 6" (Cl Plain): These boots are a six-inch classic. Not only is there a membrane inside that is water-resistant to keep your feet dry, but it is also designed with a special contour insole that adds comfort to the user.
  • 2 in 1 Impact Socket Set 6-Piece: The Six-Piece Impact Socket Set includes the most commonly used impact socket sizes for utility and construction work. Each impact socket consists of two coaxial spring-loaded sockets in one. With a high-torque and an awesome 12 point design, these Klein Sockets are easy to position onto fasteners including square fasteners. You can easily identify sizes thanks to the color coding of the sockets. A carrying case is included.
  • Oval Bag (1810): This oval bag by Estex. has a PVC ring designed to keep the bag structured and open for easy access to tools. On top of that, there are also seven different inside pockets to keep your materials organized.
  • Climbing Belt (20192CM): Buckingham's short back mobility belt is revolutionary. The body belt is adjustable, and comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.  With its fully padded 7" short back mobility belt, it provides added comfort and back support for long periods of time. With its high-quality, ultra-soft leather, it has a worn-in feel. Please note that all sizes 31 and up are considered custom fitted.
  • … and more!


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The main reason that we at JY Products stand out from other companies is that our founder himself has experience as a Journeyman Lineman. Not only has he been in your shoes, but he is well aware of the different needs and stressors that a lineman can face. This is how you can be sure that our curated offerings are the best.

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