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About Buckingham

Buckingham is an internationally renowned manufacturer for major electrical and telecommunication companies. It emphasizes quality and its focus is reliable, durable, and innovative products. With an eye on the dangerous nature of its customers’ jobs, it closely inspects every step of the process from the materials to the final products and consistently improves product quality and eliminates product defects. Buckingham is also committed to listening to feedback and giving customers the best service. 

Popular Buckingham Products to Choose From

  • Climbing Belt (20192CM)

The short back mobility belt is designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes and is adjustable to allow you the freedom to customize your body belt size. This short back mobility belt is completely padded to provide support for your back, and high-quality leather is used to craft the belt for added comfort and durability.

  • Ox-Block with Adjustable Sling & Carabiner (50061A-4)

This handline assembly features an adjustable polyester sling, or rope, and carabiner. It can be used to handle heavy loads with control, as well as for self-rescue. Buckingham uses specially designed pulleys that allow you to install the rope swiftly without having to remove the pulley.

  • Tool Bag 45334

Looking for something to carry all your tools for work? Buckingham’s canvas tool bag is a great option. It has a reinforced bottom, which makes it sturdier and more long-lasting. It also has handles and a snap closure that makes it more convenient to carry around.

  • Supersqueeze with Inner Rope 488R

Buckingham’s Supersqueeze offers linemen the best wood fall protection. You can adjust the product easily with one hand, and this is designed for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. The Supersqueeze is lightweight, made with expert craftsmanship, and provides the highest level of safety for linemen.

  • Gaff Maintenance Kit (6025)

Check on your pole gaffs and perform maintenance easily with Buckingham’s Gaff Maintenance Kit. The kit contains a new pole gaff gauge with an improved design, a single cut file, and a finishing hone.

Who Needs Buckingham Products?

Linemen, arborists, electricians, and telecom workers are some of the people in the industries that we serve. You will benefit from using Buckingham products because your safety is our utmost priority, and our equipment will enable you to complete your job efficiently and effectively.

Choose JY Products for Lineman Tools and Apparel

JY Products is a comprehensive platform for lineman tools and apparel where you can find not only Buckingham products but also a variety of other lineman equipment from world-class brands. We deliver on our promise of quality and reliability, and we will make sure you get your products delivered on time too!

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