Cable Crimper

 At JY Products, our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and meeting all the equipment and tool needs of tradesmen and women out in the field. Having been one of them prior to starting JY Products, our CEO and Founder truly understands the needs of lineman that are currently working in the electrical construction industry. In particular, having high-quality and reliable tools can make jobs in difficult, and even dangerous, conditions much safer and easier to accomplish.

For many electrical tradesmen, one such tool is a cable crimper. Essential for people who are working with cables, it is important that a high-quality cable crimper is available and accessible to make secure connections.

About Cable Crimpers for Electrical Construction Works

A cable crimper, simply put, is a tool that is used to join two pieces of metal, like cables, together. This connecting bond is normally made by deforming one or both pieces of metal to hold the other. Depending on the different materials, different pressures and seals are required for a smooth and working connection. They are normally used for cabling and electrics but are generally an essential hand tool for most repair and maintenance technicians.

Benefits of Cable Crimpers for Electrical Construction Works

A cable crimper is easier to use and creates more reliable, stronger connections than most other forms of creating connections. More importantly, they are able to withstand and not degrade over time. Cable crimpers do not just help with forming connections, it is also possible to use them to end stranded wire and can also form gas-tight connections that reduce the possibility of moisture and air affecting the metals used.

Get High-Quality Cable Crimpers at JY Products   

Here at JY Products, one of our best cable crimpers is the Crimper Kit by Klein Tools. Featuring Dewalt chargers and batteries, and a specialty cable crimper bag, it is a perfect starter set for anyone who is looking for their first cable crimper. This seven-ton crimper kit is compatible with dies that are W-style and can also work with BG dies and D3 groove heads.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive cable crimper kit, it is also possible to upgrade to the Klein Tools’ cable cutter and crimper kit tools. This will allow you to be able to cut and crimp aluminum, copper, EHS guy wire, grade 8 steel bolts, and ACSR.

Why Choose JY Products?

At JY Products, we specialize in the electrical construction industry due to our founder’s extensive knowledge in the field. However, our dedication to offering excellent service and products has allowed us to also establish services with tradesmen and women in the telecom, arborist, contractors, oil industry, and many other trades. What is most important to us is to conduct our business with honesty and integrity to truly improve the conditions and abilities of those working out in the field.

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