Climbing Belts

Here at JY Products, our main aim is to meet the needs of our clientele with quality products, excellent customer service, and honest communication. Working in the electrical construction industry can be dangerous, and many times, your equipment can be the only thing that stands between you and injury or death.

One critical piece of equipment, in particular, is your climbing belt. Not only will it determine just how comfortable you are climbing a utility pole, but it will keep you safe as well. Read on to find out more about why you should use a quality climbing belt and how to figure out which type would best suit your needs.

About Climbing Belts for Electrical Construction Works

A climbing belt, or lineman’s belt, is generally used by workers who man the utility line. They are constantly required to climb towers and poles to install, maintain and even repair the different structures. Climbing belts are an essential piece of equipment because they provide support for your lower back to minimize long-term work injuries and will also allow you to work comfortably with both hands.

How they work is that there are metal D-rings on both sides of the belt that are attached to some form of anchoring device like a lanyard. After ensuring that you are well secured, it is possible to lean back and use both your hands to finish your task.

Benefits of Climbing Belts for Electrical Construction Works

Considering utility poles can be up to 120 feet tall, a secure and reliable belt will allow you to be comfortable on the pole for longer or give you the ability to work and move around more efficiently. More importantly, all belts should allow you the peace of mind to lean out when working to use both your hands for your task at hand.

Get High-Quality Climbing Belts at JY Products

One of the most important things when choosing a belt is getting yourself correctly sized in order to choose the belt with the correct D-ring size. Simply put, the D-ring size is determined by how far the D-rings are situated across the back of your belt.

At JY Products, we stock both 2D and 4D rings. This means that on top of the primary set of D-rings used to anchor the lineman to the utility, our belts have secondary sets of D-rings that are smaller which can offer more support for people who are taller or heavier.

Some of our best sellers include the Bashlin 88 Climbing Belt and Buckingham 20192CM adjustable belt. Bashlin’s 88 full float climbing belt is a 2D ring and is also completely made out of high-quality leather and hand laced for that custom finish. Buckingham’s 20192CM adjustable belt is a 4D ring that’s made out of high-quality leather and finished with a custom hand lace. These belts are definitely an investment because they are made to last for years, ensuring that you won’t need to constantly replace your belt.

Why Choose JY Products?

As a minority-owned company that specializes in products for Lineman, our dedication to providing the best tools is grounded in our own experience and personal knowledge of what is used and required in the industry.

To find out more about the different tools, fall protection products, and climbing equipment that we carry, contact us at JY Products today!