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About Estex

Estex is an industry leader in manufacturing tools and safety products, specializing in sewn products like tool buckets, bags, and airline curtains and nets. Estex is also a certified Repair Station, mainly serving customers from the utilities and aerospace industries. The company strives towards industrial excellence and provides high-performing products with zero defects. Estex constantly reviews its customers’ needs and develops solutions every day. Looking for a product that will provide the best solutions and get it right the first time? Estex is the perfect choice for you!

Popular Estex Products to Choose From

  • Toolboard Royal Blue 1829-WDE

Estex’s one-person aerial bucket was designed with the professional lineman in mind and has various tool pockets and pouches for specific lineman tools. The toolboard includes a battery impact holster, rigid hammer loop, magnetic socket pocket, and many more. It is also made of durable 18 oz blue vinyl, certified to be impact resistant, and meets the NFPA Fire Resistant Requirements.

  • Oval Bag (Tall)

This product is specifically designed for bolt cutters and compression tools, and it is made from heavy materials to help support the weight of the tools. The bag’s bottom and top ring are also particularly heavy to support the weight, and the PVC ring at the top of the bag helps to keep it open. Inside the bag, there are six pockets for hand tools, and there are two brass grommets that can be used with hooks.

  • Oval Bag (1815-14-7)

This oval bag is made of high-quality 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura fabric, which makes it less prone to abrasions and cuts. It features 15 inner pockets and 14 external pockets to hold your tools and is protected with Inosil Corrosion Shield which prevents tools from rusting.

  • Tool Board/Apron 1825-BT-P

Designed to hold battery-operated tools, this toolboard is made of sturdy yellow vinyl. It also has two brass grommet holes that allow for aerial use.

  • Hot stick bags

Estex’s hot stick bags are designed to fit a variety of hot sticks and hot line tools. Made of durable and waterproof yellow vinyl, you can never go wrong with this product.

Who Needs Estex Products?

While Estex mainly serves the aerospace industry, it also offers a variety of products that are highly suitable for professional workers in industries like telecommunications, electrical, and construction. Estex’s high-quality and ergonomic products are designed to make doing your job easier and faster without compromising your safety.

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