Heat Wave

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About Heat Wave

Founded by a desire to create affordable and customizable sunglasses, Heat Wave is now a globally recognized brand bringing quality and fresh designs to the table. Heat Wave’s founders are proud to continue a fully hands-on approach to the business, and all glasses feature original artwork right down to the details. In addition, Heat Wave’s glasses are not only stylish and cool, but they also meet industry standards for professional workers.

Popular Heat Wave Products to Choose From

  • Lazer Face: Galaxy Blue

Look effortlessly cool when you’re on the job while being fully protected. Heat Wave’s Lazer Face sunglasses in galaxy blue is the ultimate statement piece. It features a single-cut lens supported by a durable polycarbonate subframe. Its design maximizes your field of vision, protects your eyes from the elements, and meets the ANSI Z.97 mass impact requirements. It is fully customizable and comes in a microfiber bag.

  • Lazer Face: Polarized Gold Rush

Created with custom stainless steel and ANSI Z.87 mass impact safety-rated shatter-resistant lenses that are 2.0 mm thick, Heat Wave’s Lazer Face glasses are extremely popular for their futuristic and reliable design. The Lazer Face glasses offer fully wrap-around vision and protection from external elements. The additional upgrade of the polarized lens also gives you a more accurate vision and alleviates eye strain.

  • Lazer Face Side Shield Black

This is an add-on side shield specifically made to fit Lazer Face glasses. When installed on any Lazer Face glasses, these side shields meet ANSI Z.87 safety standards. They are easy to use and conveniently slide into place. Heat Wave’s side shields are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate and are made to last.

  • Vise: Side Shield Black Matt

These shatter-resistant polycarbonate side shields are compatible with Heat Wave’s Z87 Vise sunglasses and offer extra lateral coverage. They slide and lock into place easily and are sold as a pair.

  • Lazer Face Nose Piece

Heat Wave’s replacement nose pieces are long-lasting, easy to use, and designed to stand out. These nose pieces come in multiple colors and provide a comfortable, non-slip fit.

Who Needs Heat Wave Products?

Heat Wave specializes in customizable, unique, and reliable eyewear that fits a wide range of needs. With Heat Wave’s sunglasses, you will look sophisticated and chic during work while your eyes are kept safe from the glaring sunlight and other harsh elements. Heat Wave’s products are suitable for all workers such as electricians, construction workers, ironworkers, linemen, and more.

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