Ironworker Tools

Ironworkers are responsible for the installation of structural and reinforcing steel and iron to support buildings, roads and bridges. It is a physically demanding and dangerous job. They have to work from great heights so the workers require safety equipment to reduce the risk of falls and serious injuries.

Understanding Ironworkers

Iron and steel and key elements found in bridges, buildings and other structures. Although the primary metal used is steel, these workers are commonly known as ironworkers. During the construction of a tall structure such as a skyscraper, ironworkers will work on arranging the steel framed, reinforcing bars, preparing lumber, buckets of concrete and other materials and equipment found on the construction site. When the job is completed, workers start to connect the steel beams, columns and girders based on the blueprints and instructions that are given to them by the construction supervisors.

Ironworkers usually do the following:

  • Use a crane to lift steel columns, beans and girders into place
  • Unload and stack prefabricated steel so they can be lifted easily using slings
  • Signal crane operators to position the structural steel
  • Stand on beams to help position steel pieces that are lifted
  • Check that vertical and horizontal alignment of structural steel
  • Connect beams, columns and girders using bolts or weld them into place
  • Align beams and girders into position
  • Use torches, metal shears, and welding equipment to bend, cut and weld the steel

Why Should Ironworkers Get Their Lineman Tools and Apparel from JY Products?

Ironworkers do physically demanding and dangerous work. They work in all weathers and some at great heights. Workers need to wear safety devices such as harnesses, in order to reduce the risk of falling. As they work, they need to use a range of tools as well.

Structural steel usually arrives at the construction site ready to be set up. They are cut to its proper size, with holes drilled for the bolts and being numbered for assembly. Some ironworkers create structural metal in fabrication shops, located away from the construction site.

Ironworkers use rope to guide the steel while it is lifted. They use spud wrenches to arrange the steel into place. They use drift pins to line up the holes in the steel with holes in the framework. They also use plumb bobs, levels of laser equipment to check the alignment.

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