Klein Tools

JY Products offers a comprehensive variety of lineman tools and apparel that are curated to better fit the needs of workers in the field. We feature products from leading industry manufacturers, and you can be assured of the quality, reliability, and durability of all our products.

About Klein Tools

Starting from the Klein pliers, Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools for professionals since 1857. Channeling extensive experience and passion into the manufacturing process, its products provide the highest level of safety and performance. It is a family-operated business and it has an outstanding team that serves customers to the best of its abilities. You can always count on Klein Tools for exceptional tools created with superior workmanship.

Popular Klein Tools Products to Choose From

  • 9 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Kit

The 9-piece insulated screwdriver kit is an all-in-one solution for customers. Featuring a black nylon case with extra pockets and a zipper closure, you can carry this kit around conveniently as it comes with handles. Inside, you will find three sizes of screwdrivers with Phillips, Keystone, and Cabinet tips. These screwdrivers are highly durable and contain two layers of insulation to prevent electric shocks. 

  • Lineman Pliers with Bolt Thread

Crafted using forged steel for outstanding durability, you can rely on our lineman pliers with bolt thread to help you finish the job efficiently. Our lineman pliers have induction hardened cutting edges and superior cutting power with handle tempering designed to mitigate the impact when cutting wire.

  • Lineman Backpack

The Klein Tools lineman backpack is the perfect bag to carry all your climbing equipment and comes in black and orange colors. It has adjustable straps and the back area is padded to ensure maximum comfort. It also has a large front pocket and smaller side pockets to accommodate equipment of all sizes.  

  • 25" Cable Cutters

The 25” standard cable cutters are shear-type cable cutters that make a very clean cut. The blade can be easily stopped due to the pins in the head and the handle is made of fiberglass with vinyl grips for durability and slip resistance.

  • Digital Multimeter TRMS/Low Impedance

This digital multimeter measures up to1000V AC and also measures frequency, temperature, diodes, continuity, and more. The device also has a low impedance mode that helps you remove stray voltage.

Who Needs Klein Tools Products?

Professionals in the electrical, construction, and maintenance industries will find Klein Tools to be a reliable manufacturer of tools and equipment. Our hand tools are especially popular in the electrical industry, and this reflects our commitment and experience in bringing the best tools to professional workers.

Choose JY Products for Lineman Tools and Apparel

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