Lineman Gift Ideas

The work linemen perform is dangerous yet vital, and one of the best ways to show your appreciation is through these lineman tools, which can be given as gifts to show gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

Lineman Gift Ideas

Velcro Aluminum C Pads

These Velcro Aluminum C Pads from Bashlin are wide-angled and feature leather that uses a mesh moisture-based wicking pad with the loop closure and hooks for additional security. It can be used with steel or aluminum climbers, has a metal insert, and is compatible with replacement irons such as 105FRC and 105FR.

Lightweight Balaclava

Linemen sometimes face extreme weather conditions and must continue working regardless. This stylish and lightweight balaclava is manufactured in the United States and comes with a single layer that meets ASTM F1506 specifications. It is constructed with high-quality material that won’t wear or wash out and will keep your face and neck warm during frigid temperatures.

Lazer Face: Arctic Chrome

Frontal eye protection is a necessity for linemen, who will often find themselves high up on utility poles where sunlight will shine directly into their faces. Heat Wave Visual manufactures these sunglasses which look fantastic. They also use stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion and has a thickness of 2.0 mm. Additionally, the lenses are shatter-resistant thanks to sub-frames which are made with a resilient polycarbonate material. Finally, the lens provides UVB 400 grade protection against the sun’s rays while also boosting the clarity of the wearer.

Secondary Web Lanyard

Slipping and falling from a utility pole is a lineman’s worse nightmare. Show them you care by purchasing this secondary web lanyard. It is extremely durable with a size of six feet but is also available in sizes up to nine feet. It is easy to use and can be adjusted with a single hand.

Ratchet (Teardrop)

This is an essential piece of equipment that is 10’’ in size and comes with a driving long handle which is 3/8’’ in length, which makes it perfect for situations where a lineman needs to produce additional torque with minimal effort.

Leather C Pads

These leather C Pads are made by Bashlin, which is one of the biggest names in climber lineman products. It is aluminum angled and will make it much easier for linemen to ascend utility poles with ease and safety.

Lazer Face Side Shield

While frontal ocular protection is important, linemen also need protection for the corner of their eyes, and that is exactly what this face side shield does. It is stylish and designed to snap on with ease. However, these side shields aren’t universal, meaning they can only be utilized with certain brands.

Oval Bag

Linemen use a wide assortment of tools and this oval bag is the best way to organize and keep track of it. It is a heavy-duty satchel that comes with fifteen interior pockets along with fourteen external pockets. It has web-style handles and the material is made with robust polyester which is highly resistant to tear and wear. Drain holes can be found on the bottom.

JY Products specializes in tools and equipment for linemen. The products we sell are mostly made in the U.S. and are designed to make the jobs of these professionals safer and more convenient. Contact us for more information!