Lineman Tools

The main role of a lineman is to maintain, install and repair electrical lines of high power and electrical systems. A lineman works on the transmission and distribution lines that come from a power plant and runs to individual homes or buildings. Linemen have to run and repair the underground electrical wires and cables. They will require the proper tools and safety equipment to complete this potentially dangerous job.

Understanding Linemen

Most linemen work hard to set up power lines to carry electricity from the power plants to residences, buildings and stores. They learn the technical skills by serving as an apprentice, so they can pick up the skills from experienced linemen.

Typical duties for linemen include the following:

  • Install, maintain or repair power lines
  • Inspect and test power lines
  • Identify defective devices, voltage regulators, switches and transformers
  • String power lines between poles, towers and buildings
  • Operate power equipment when installing and repairing poles, lines and towers
  • Climb poles and towers and use truck-mounted buckets to reach the equipment

Linemen also need to drive work vehicles. They have to learn and adhere to strict safety standards and procedures while on the job.

Why Should Linemen Get Their Lineman Tools and Apparel from JY Products?

Linemen have to act as first responders during an emergency. Linemen head out on the field, assess the situation and find a way to repair the downed lines safely in order to get power back to everyone. It is a dangerous job and linemen will require experience and analytical skills to get the job done. Linemen have to replace old or faulty equipment to prevent outages which will impact countless people. They are dedicated and talented professionals who do a difficult job that benefits the whole of society.

Typical linemen will need hand tools such as hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets, pliers, skinning knives, wire stripping tools, crimping tools, bolt cutters, and more. Having a variety of hand tools will ensure that the lineman can handle any task. Linemen need to use insulated tools to protect them from electric shocks. Many hand tools are made of metal so they need to be insulated properly. Linemen need to wear personal protection equipment to ensure their own safety on the job.  They will need safety equipment such as hard hats, insulated gloves and sleeves, boots and a climbing belt.

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