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About Lowell

Founded in 1869, Lowell specializes in ratchet technology and offers a wide range of standard and customized tools for industrial, military, and utility applications. Lowell believes that ratchet technology makes professional workers and equipment more productive, so it incorporates this innovative technology in almost all its products. Lowell’s tools and equipment are fully made in the U.S.A, and its products deliver high-performance in the field and work well for a long period of time.

Popular Lowell Products to Choose From

  • Pad Mount Wrench

Lowell’s pad mount wrench has an all-in-one design that features gear, shaft, and sockets. It has a combination 7/8″ penta x 3/4″ hex head and is made to be sturdy, tough, and durable.

  • Lineman Wrench (Cast Iron) 51T

This lineman wrench is designed for high line utility pole installation and maintenance. Its ergonomic handle shape is more comfortable for the user to grip and its bolt-thru design allows bolts to fully pass through the sockets and arm head. It is made of strong and sturdy materials that allow you to get the best use out of this tool.

  • Lineman Wrench 8D4T1 USA

This edition of the lineman wrench by Lowell features a slim design and is lightweight so it can be easily stored in your climbing belt hoop. Tightening nuts on an all-thread rod or on long bolts is also not a problem with Lowell’s bolt-thru design.

  • Triple Square Impact Socket (Transmission)

You can use Lowell’s triple square impact transmission socket with any impact wrench or rattle gun to install and perform maintenance on transmission tower hardware. It is designed to be lightweight and thin for easier handling and you can grip this tool more comfortably due to its narrowed center.

  • Lineman Wrench 6in1 Dual End 100TDE

Lowell’s products are carefully designed to be functional and comfortable, and this lineman wrench with dual ends is no different. The bright orange socket and ergonomic handle grip make this tool easier to find and harder to accidentally lose. Also, both ends have reversing control, and the double ratchet tooth feature also allows more engagement and additional strength.

Who Needs Lowell Products?

Lowell’s products are suitable for professionals who do manufacturing, construction, and maintenance work such as linemen, electricians, construction workers, tower workers, telecom workers, and many more. If you want tools that perform well in the field and are durable, Lowell’s products are the right choice for you. Lowell’s designs are always functional and thoughtful, resulting in tools that are both comfortable and work well. 

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