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About MADI

MADI offers innovative lineman tools and equipment that are designed specifically for professional use. Founded by an experienced lineman who was tired of not having the right tools to do his job, MADI is a brand that knows exactly what works and what can be improved on. MADI is devoted to making tools and equipment that will allow linemen to work more efficiently and safely and continues to innovate and develop exciting products that benefit the industry.

Popular MADI Products to Choose From

  • MADI LED Headlamp

This sturdy and long-lasting LED headlamp by MADI is extremely lightweight and water-resistant, making it excellent for storm work. It works with or without most flash shields and can be adjusted to bright, dim, or off. It is powered by four AA batteries and comes with a storage bag.

  • MADI Tri-Penta Wrench TP-1

The Tri-Penta Wrench is great to use in tight spaces and has several functions combined in one. Its speed sleeve spins freely, preventing excessive friction on the hands and gloves, and helping to open up transformers and switch gears faster.

  • Madi's Slot Socket 2

The new and improved slot socket by MADI is a multipurpose tool that is impact-rated and has a high visibility ID band. It has a wide range of eye bolt type clamp and wing nut applications, such as hot line clamps, grounding clamps, stringing block, layout arm hardware, and more. The improved version now fits 3/4" and 5/8" eye nuts and other eye nuts as well.

  • Lineman Tri-Square Wrench

This is a three-in-one wrench that is designed to be lightweight and has a patented handle that has been dielectrically tested and certified for 72,000 volts. It also features stainless steel sockets to minimize rusting, a rubber grip for a comfortable hold, and a built-in lanyard hole for tethering. 

  • Dog-Bone Dual Wire Brush DBWB-1

MADI’s Dog-Bone Dual Wire Brush is an innovative wire brush for transmission, substation, and distribution. Its unique design makes wire brushing easier, and it has two wire brushing surfaces for copper and aluminum. Properly brushing can help prevent outages and bad connections.

Who Needs MADI Products?

MADI products are designed to provide linemen, electricians, tower workers, and other professionals with extra efficiency and safety. Its innovative designs are just what you need in your job to solve your problems.

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