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About Oshkosh

Oshkosh manufactures high-quality hand tools that are preferred by professional workers for their reliability and durability. Oshkosh’s products are made from raw hardwood and forged steel, and the superior craftsmanship involved in hand forging and hand assembling the tools make Oshkosh’s products a cut above the rest. Oshkosh’s great reputation amongst professional linemen, utility workers, and loggers is proof that its tools are high-performing and extremely valued in the industry.

Popular Oshkosh Products to Choose From

  • Post Hole Digger 8 Ft

Oshkosh’s post hole digger is made with long-lasting and sturdy materials. Its blade is crafted from special steel alloy and welded on, creating a durable joint. Also, the fulcrum is not cast but made of channel-shaped steel, making it more resilient and durable. Oshkosh’s post hole digger is also designed for the digger head to be easily replaceable.

  • Hand Tamp 8' Ft

Hand tampers are used for smoothing and flattening dirt, stone, and other materials. Oshkosh’s hand tamp bars are built to last and enable you to flatten dirt and other materials effectively. They also come in various styles such as heavy, light, and curved to cater to different needs.

  • Pole Cradle

Oshkosh’s E-Z up pole cradle is an easy and simple solution to lift poles from the ground into your desired position for framing and is used together with a cant hook. It is designed to deal with poles with a diameter of up to 19”. Oshkosh’s pole cradle is so convenient and easy to use that you can operate it by yourself. It is made using durable and long-lasting aluminum. 

  • Cant Hook 6' Ft

Featuring hard maple handles and high-carbon steel hooks, Oshkosh’s cant hooks come in varying sizes that handle poles of different diameters. The cant hook has a hook stop to prevent the hook from damaging the handle. Oshkosh’s cant hooks are also hand forged and heat treated to increase durability and strength.

  • Spoon / Spade 8' Ft

A mark of what sets Oshkosh apart from its competitors, Oshkosh’s spades are also created using expert workmanship. The blade of the spade is forged according to Oshkosh’s unique straight pattern, and heat treated afterward. All spades are rigorously tested to ensure strength, hardness, and balance.

Who Needs Oshkosh Products?

Oshkosh’s hand tools are well-known by the utility, pole-line, logging, landscaping, and construction industries for their reliability and performance in the field. If you are a professional working in any of these industries, you can definitely trust Oshkosh to provide tools that do not compromise quality.

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