Product Comparison

JY Products sells an assortment of equipment manufactured for the lineman. From pads to protective eyewear, lanyards, work boots, gloves, and more, our merchandise is premium in quality and exceptionally dependable.

Product Comparison

About Product Comparison

Our product category can be broken down into seven sections, which are:

  • Climbing equipment: This includes climbing belts, footwear, tower harnesses, climbers, and fall protection
  • Hand tools: This section consists of bolt cutters, wire brushes, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, knives, wrenches, and electrician tools
  • Bags: Customers have the option of purchasing tool or oval bags
  • Accessories: This section has carabiners, tool holsters, zipper bags, replacement gaffs, slings, and gaff guards
  • Truck accessories: These include wire grips, bucket harnesses, tool boards, hoists, ox blocks, and digging tools
  • FR: Here customers can purchase and compare apparel such as FR shirts, pants, raingear, headgear, and outwear.
  • PPE: This section contains accessories such as gloves, rubber products, heat wave glasses, and safety glasses.

Why Is Product Comparison Important?

Our product comparison gives you the opportunity to do side by side reviews of all the merchandise sold on our site. It makes your shopping experiences faster and more convenient while ensuring you get the specific items you need. For example, in our Climbers section, you can take a look at the different climbing options we offer, quickly comparing prices as well as the materials they’re made from.

When you check this page, you’ll see that some of the climbers are made from steel while others are made from titanium or aluminum. Titanium is one of the world’s strongest and most durable metals and climbers which contain them tend to be more expensive than steel climbers. Our category pages also give you the ability to click on individual items to learn more about them, such as their specifications, the material used in their production, the brand that makes them, and their size.

Who Needs Product Comparison?

The product comparison provided by JY Products is essential for linemen and apprentices that are learning the trade. Whether you’re a student or veteran with years of experience, you want the best lineman products which are suitable for your needs and the job you need to perform.

What works for one lineman may not be useful for another, and the equipment that is well suited to one job may be ill-suited for another. Using our product comparison allows you to learn more about the products we offer while finding something that will make your job safer.

Choose JY Products for Lineman Tools and Apparel

While the work performed by linemen is essential and rewarding, it can also be hazardous. These professionals must work outdoors regardless of weather conditions and routinely find themselves exposed to rain, sleet, snow, extreme heat, hail, and strong wind. Because they often have to work on utility poles at a height of thirty feet, a fall could cause serious injury or death depending on where and how they land.

It is for these reasons that linemen cannot afford to purchase cheap, run-of-the-mill equipment, because their lives literally depend on the clothing, tools, and equipment they use, and JY Products sells nothing less than the best.

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