Skinning Knife

For anyone working in electrical construction works, you would know that having the right tools can make all the difference in getting the job done well and on time. Here at JY Products, our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, in particular, ensuring that the tradesmen and women in the field have the equipment, tools, and accessories that they need. One of the tools that are commonly used is an electrician’s knife – in particular, a skinning knife.

About Skinning Knives for Electrical Construction Works

A knife might not be the first thing that comes to mind when anyone is thinking about electrical construction or lineman work. However, it is a huge time saver for many situations. A skinning knife in general has a wider blade that is shorter and will not have much spring or flexibility. This can sometimes be synonymous with a hawkbill or pruner’s blade.

This type of knife is perfect for allowing a lineman or tradesman to score and slit the cable jacket or remove insulation. Some electricians will also use this to strip wires, especially because the curved blade will help with preventing wires from slipping off.

Benefits of Skinning Knives for Electrical Construction Works

Skinning knives are perfectly designed and are less likely to damage the core wire when used on construction sites. In addition, they are also convenient for cutting boxes or other materials on site.

Get A High-Quality Skinning Knife at JY Products

There are many skinning knives out on the market but not all of them are high-quality and can withstand the rigors of everyday use. In particular, we have several bestsellers that are perfect for any tradesman or woman.

The Bashlin’s Skinning Knife BSK50 is the perfect example of a strong blade that is highly resistant to breaking. It has a comfortable grip, a curved tip, and a high-quality blade. The knife also comes with a ring at the end of the handle for attaching onto a climbing belt or a shotgun stick.

Another high-quality skinning knife is Buckingham’s Skinning Knife 7090. It comes with a sturdy black handle and is 9 7/8” in length. As with the Bashlin’s skinning knife, this also features an accessory ring that can be easily added to your existing setup.

Why Choose JY Products?

At JY Products, we are truly dedicated and honest in our service to the different tradesmen and women that we provide services to. This mission stems from the fact that our founder and CEO truly understands what the industry needs, having spent over two decades in the electrical construction industry. This inside perspective allows JY Products to have a more curated selection of products that can truly add value to your work processes.

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