Telecom Workers Tools

The telecommunications industry exists to deliver television, Internet, telephone and other services to customers across the country. It provides the primary means of communication to almost all households, businesses and individuals. Telecommunications is a key aspect which provides essential services to keep the economy and society running. Other than providing traditional services such as wired phone and cable TV, telecommunication services also include broadband, mobile Internet, cellular phone and satellite TV. Telecom workers are workers who help to keep these services up and running by installing and maintaining the telephone cables and lines. 

Understanding Telecom Workers

Telecom workers are in charge of the installation, maintenance and repairing of telephone equipment, access lines, cables and telecommunications systems. They also work hard to install the poles and terminals as well as lay out the necessary wires and cables. They need the proper tools and protective equipment to keep them safe as they carry out their work.

Their job scope includes the following:

  • locating faults in telecommunications equipment using instruments such as voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters and transmission measuring equipment
  • looking at drawings, specifications and work areas to mark out position and connections to install equipment
  • attaching wires and cables to appliances
  • installing cabling for radio, telephone and computer transmission
  • replacing and repairing faulty items
  • installing telecommunications equipment and appliances such as switchboards, telephones and data transmission equipment
  • joining cables and sealing sheaths using thermoplastic and lead
  • testing and maintaining underground and aerial wires and cables, and mobile phone and radio antennae

Why Should Telecom Workers Get Their Lineman Tools and Apparel from JY Products?

Telecom workers are individuals who do installation, maintenance and repairing. They work in a variety of settings, both outdoors and indoors, and in all sorts of weather conditions. Their work involves climbing, reaching, crouching, crawling, stooping and lifting. They often work in high up places such as telephone poles and rooftops. These workers come into close contact with electrical wires and circuits so they need to take precautions in order to protect themselves from electric shocks. They must wear safety equipment when they enter manholes as well as test for the presence of gas before heading underground.

Why Choose Lineman Tools and Apparel from JY Products?

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