Tool Holsters

Here at JY Products, our team is here to offer tradesmen and tradeswomen the tools, equipment, accessories, and fall protection that help them get the job done safer and better. Having worked as a Journeyman Lineman for over two decades in the electrical construction industries, our CEO and Founder has a strong belief and commitment to meeting the needs of the people that we provide products for. More importantly, having had an insider’s perspective and an expansive knowledge of the industry, our team is dedicated to truly meeting all the equipment and tool needs that you have.

One of the most important equipment that any lineman, woman, or trade worker must have is a tool holster. In fact, whoever needs to bring about tools and have easy access to them will probably need a tool holster.

About Tool Holsters for Electrical Construction Works

A high-quality tool holster for electrical construction works is very important for safety and efficiency. Especially for linemen, having a good tool holster that can securely hold all of the tools and equipment you need can allow you to minimize climbing time. Tool holders can range widely in size – from holsters that only hold one specific tool to the ones that can have five or more pockets. These are highly customizable for the individual and the work situation.

Most tool holsters will have some form of attachment design like a belt loop or clasp that allows trade workers to attach this to their belt, harness, or attire. This allows you to work with your hands-free but still have the convenience of being able to easily access all your different tools.

Benefits of Tool Holsters for Electrical Construction Works

Most importantly, tool holsters allow you to get to a job site without having to worry about lugging a large toolbox or making multiple trips just to get everything that you need. Especially for tower climbers or linemen and women, it allows you to be able to have access to your full range of tools without compromising on mobility or safety.

Get High-Quality Tool Holster at JY Products

At JY Products, our bestselling tool holster is Buckingham’s 42266 leather double back holster featuring 5 pockets and a two-way knife snap. There are four colors to choose from. Black, Brown, Burgundy, and Tan. Holsters are rigid, so tight-fitting tools will not bend or buckle on the back of your holster as you remove them. Your tools will be protected from wear as they are inserted and removed over time.

Why Choose JY Products?

In addition to our work with the electrical construction industry, JY Products has also had established services with the oil industry, telecom, contractors, arborists, and many other trades. Regardless of what work you specialize in, our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best tools and equipment that you need. When choosing JY Products, you are not only choosing our products, but you are also affirming our values of honesty and integrity as well as the superior customer service that we take pride in.

To find out more about the different tools, fall protection products, and climbing equipment that we carry, contact us at JY Products today!