Tower Climbing Gear

Tower Climbing is an extremely specialized profession that has grown in demand with today’s digital needs. One of the most common towers that require the maintenance and inspection of tower climbers are cell towers. This means that not only are they responsible for ensuring that a large structure is stable and functioning, but some jobs are even specialized for people who are able to work on wireless interservice providers and radio towers.

These cell site towers can easily range from 50 to 200 feet tall, highlighting how professional tower climbers are constantly working in challenging and hazardous conditions. To best ensure their safety, it is extremely important that they have access to reliable and high quality gear to carry out their work safely and efficiently.

About Tower Climbing Gear for Electrical Construction Works

A professional tower climber’s gear has two functions – namely safety and productivity. It helps you ensure your safety by helping to anchor you to the pole or tower through the D-rings on either side that will be attached to a lanyard or other forms of anchoring device. Another safety feature that isn’t focused on as much is that your climbing gear will boost your ability to have good posture and support while getting the job done.

Productivity comes in two ways – good gear allows a climber to confidently work with both their hands even at high altitudes, and customizable tower climbing gear will also allow for the climber to bring along the tools that are needed to finish the task at hand without multiple trips up and down.

Benefits of Tower Climbing Gear for Electrical Construction Works

It might seem like an unnecessary cost to get tower climbing gear considering that so much of it is expensive. However, it is an investment that you are making for your own safety on the job as well as your ability to work with a peace of mind. Not only will quality tower climbing equipment make the difference between a life and death situation, but it is also highly likely that they will prevent you from workplace injuries.

Get High-Quality Tower Climbing Gear at JY Products

At JY Products, we carry a wide range of tower climbing gear. One of our best selling products is the Tower Harness by Buckingham Manufacturing. Not only does it have a Y-shaped design for maximum mobility and optimum user comfort, but it also features the standard 2 D-rings that will allow for anchoring.

More importantly, this harness meets all the safety standards that are required of construction works like OSHA, ANSI, Flash Ratings ASTM F887 standards.

Why Choose JY Products?

At JY Products, you can be rest assured that you will only find products that are specially curated to get the job done. Unlike other companies, our founder has decades of experience working as a lineman and has extensive experience and knowledge on the needs of different professions and what equipment works best.

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