Tower Workers

The main role of tower workers is to climb up broadcasting towers to perform routine inspections. They are professionals who inspect, maintain and repair the towers. These include self-supporting towers, monopoles or other tower systems which need regular checks and maintenance. Some tower workers specialize in installation and maintenance of radio and cellular components as well as broadcast equipment for television, radio and cell phones. They require the right harnesses to ensure their safety as they work from great heights.

Understanding Tower Workers

The main role of tower workers is to carry out comprehensive inspections, installations and to maintain the antennas and other systems for transmission purposes. The climbing part is a dangerous aspect of the job so the tower worker must be physically fit. A professional tower worker has to be experienced in communications technology, cable splicing and also the other technical responsibilities. If the tower worker is working for a particular brand, they need to know the industry wiring methods for the equipment by this company. Some tower worker jobs require more than just maintaining and installing cell towers. It is not an easy job and they have to work long hours as well.

All tower climbers need to have an excellent knowledge of health and safety. This is all part of the job, so you need to know about harnesses and climbing gear and also the management of hooks and anchors. Safety practices, such as monitoring the weather to make sure that there are no upcoming storms or lightning, are also important. Technicians will need to undergo safety training before starting the job as a tower worker.

Why Should Tower Workers Get Their Lineman Tools and Apparel from JY Products?

Regulations require employers to provide all the safety equipment necessary for this job. They are also known as personal protection equipment. Such equipment includes safety harnesses, ropes and belts to climb the tower safely. It is very important to invest in good safety equipment to prevent falls and other serious injuries. Other tools that are used include saws, wrenches and capstan hoists. These are usually provided by the company although sometimes you may need your own tools. You will be able to find the tools that you need for this job at JY products.

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