Hand Line Hook/Carrier 2402G

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Buckingham's New and improved Handline Carrier replaces the old handline carrier (2402). Buckingham has improved this item in many ways, Features a hole so that you can easily secure it to your body belt, either with a bolt or zip tie. Made of Polymer and the carrier will straighten when approximately 25 pounds of pressure is applied, this allows the handline to pull free. Great to use while using the Ox Block including other accessories.

  • Will fit up to a 2" belt strap.
  • You can NOW lock it closed to keep your items more secure.
  • The handline gate will prevent tools and handlines from coming out while working or climbing
  • The New design allows you to quickly secure items in the carrier or take them out.
  • Features a New shorter belt strap slot so that you can keep the carrier properly oriented on the belt strap.
  • Made in the USA.

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